Turkey’s Most Comprehensive Men’s Health Clinic

In our clinic, full-range treatments are applied for both organic causes and psychological causes of Erectile Dysfunction (Erection Problem) and Premature Ejaculation (Premature Ejaculation) diseases.


By taking blood tests from the necessary patients, metabolism and sex hormones can be examined in our laboratory. Penile Doppler, which is the diagnostic method of erection problem; It is one of the most reliable diagnostic methods if performed by an experienced radiologist. In our clinic, Radiology Specialist Penile Doppler and Scrotal Usg are performed by Dr. Ö. Faruk Ünal.


  • ESWT Focus (Shock Wave): Focus (Shock Wave) device, which is one of the most effective device systems in hardening problem, is used in our clinic.
  • HRT and Treatment of Metabolic Diseases
  • Complementary Medicine
    • Penile Ozone
    • Penile Cupping Therapy
    • Penile Hirudotherapy
    • Penile Mesotherapy ve Penil PRP (Pshot)
  • Psychogenic Diseases
    • Psychotherapy with a Psychologist
    • Acupuncture

In our clinic, our dietician and acupuncturist doctors are treated for the treatment of diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia, which are the most important causes of Erectile Dysfunction (Erection Problem). In addition, effective results are obtained with bioresonance and acupuncture in smoking cessation, which is another important reason.