Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, which is popularly expressed as Erection Problem, Impotence or Erection Problem; It is the inability to create the required or desired level of hardness in the penis to start and continue sexual intercourse.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It may be due to Physical (Somatic-Organic) reasons and Psychological reasons. Although the reason is usually only psychogenic in the early age group (20-30 years old), there are physical and psychogenic reasons in the middle and advanced age group.

Physical (Somatic – Organic) Causes

  • Vascular Pathologies:
    Arterial Problems: AtheroSclerosis, overweight, advanced age, malnutrition, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, smoking, alcohol.
    Venous Problems: Venous insufficiency (Escape), A-V fistulas.
  • Neurological Pathologies: Previous Pelvic Surgeries (Prostate surgery, radiotherapy), MS disease, Parkinson’s, brain surgery or trauma, diabetes, alcohol.
  • Drug-Related Pathologies: B-blockers (beloc), Diuretics (delix), Antidepressants, Tranquilizers (anxiolytics), Antihypertensives, Prostate drugs, Antihistamines, Histamine-H2 receptor blockers (cimetidine, ranitidine, famodine), Muscle relaxants, NSAID (asprin, ibuprofen).
  • Effective Pathologies on the Central Nervous System:Drug Use (Amphetamine, Barbiturate, Cocaine, Marijuhana, Methadone, Nicotine, Alcohol. Opiate – Central nervous system Dopaminergic down regulation), Epilepsy.
  • Hormonal Based Pathologies: Hypogonadism, Hyperprolactinemia, Hypo-Hyperthyroidism.
  • Structural Disorders: IPP (Induratio Penis Plastica) – Peyronie’s Disease – Curvature of the penis.

Psychogenic Causes

  • Stress: The autonomic system of our body basically has 2 modes of operation: a) Active mode of operation (sympathetic) and b) Resting – repair mode (parasympathetic). The erection (hardening) state is active when resting mode is dominant. Therefore, long working hours and not getting enough rest is one of the psychogenic reasons that cause erectile dysfunction (impotence).
  • Anxiety (Anxiety, Fear): Another common psychogenic cause of erectile dysfunction (impotence) is anxiety. It can usually start after an unsuccessful sexual intercourse, or it can be caused by some traumas experienced during childhood.
  • Depression (Unhappiness, Hopelessness):It is one of the psychological causes of impotence (erection problem). Job loss and anxiety about losing, death of someone from family or friends, lack of love, financial losses are the main reasons that cause depressive mood in people and thus cause hardening.

ESWT Treatment in Erectile Problems

ESWT Therapy in erectile dysfunction has made a breakthrough in andrology. Previously, only temporary drugs such as 5-PDE inhibitors (sildenafi, vardanafil, tadalafil) were used before intercourse and with many side effects, permanent results are obtained with the treatments using this acoustic wave technology.

Focus ESWT (shock wave) procedure is the main factor in opening atherosclerotic plaques that cause stenosis in arteries and formation of new vessels (neovasculerization). It initiates these effects by breaking the atherosclerotic plaques containing calcium and the release of substances such as ENOS (Endothelial NO Syntas), VEGF (Vasculer Endothelial Growth Factor).

One of the two important issues to be considered in the treatment of erectile dysfunction with ESWT (shock wave); ESWT is the specific planning of the patient’s condition. According to the age and metabolic state of the patient, the correct amount of energy and penetration depth and the posology of the sessions (how often) are determined and the correct anatomical areas are scanned in sufficient amount (number of shots). The second is; It is stated that shock wave therapy alone will constitute 40-50% of the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and regenerative treatment methods should also be used, which strengthen the body’s response to this shock wave stimulation and positively increase the response.

Regenerative Treatment Methods Complementary to Shock Wave Therapy:

  1. Acupuckture: With the Hypothalamo Pituitary Axis balance, the body normalizes the levels of androgenic hormones. In addition, by providing sympathetic / parasympathetic system balance with neurooendocrinergic reflexes, it enhances body response by increasing peripheral (distant points) blood flow.
  2. Ozone Injection: By increasing tissue partial oxygen pressure (the amount of oxygen reaching the tissue) and perfusion (blood supply), the body increases its regenerative ability and the formation of new cells becomes easier.
  3. Phytotherapy: Provides the mobilization of Atherosclerotic plates broken by shock waves and the supply of trace elements and minerals required for the formation of new vessels (angiogenesis) to the tissue.

Apart from these standard supportive treatment methods;

  1. HRT
  2. Pshot
  3. Stem Cell
  4. Pelvic Floor Mass
  5. Pelvic Floor Hirudotherapy
  6. Penile Cup (Pump)
  7. Penile Hirudotherapy
  8. Penile Mesotherapy
  9. Whole Body Ozone
  10. Vitamin

There are also treatment methods such as.

In our Androbalance clinic, we get much more successful results than expected in our patients who can apply integrative treatment in this way in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

In addition, if there is a more severe psychogenic condition accompanying Atherosclerosis (such as depression, stress, performance anxiety); They can continue their psychological treatment in our BALANCE ORIENTAL clinic.

Again, elderly people, to increase the effectiveness of their treatment; In our BALANCE ORIENTAL clinic, they can receive AntiAging – Rejuvenation Treatment with Ozone Hemotherapy.

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