Infertility is the condition of not having pregnancy although couples have regular sexual intercourse for about 1 year without protection. Approximately 15% of married couples have Infertility. While the male factor is responsible for approximately 1/4 of these cases, the problem is due to female factors in 3/4 of them. Infertility treatment due to both male and female causes is performed in our clinic.

In the treatment of infertility, the correct diagnosis is the most important part of a correct treatment planning. In couples, it is more rational to start with a man first. Because many potential problems can be seen with a simple spermiogram.

Sperm: Its number, mobility, morphology.

Semen: Amount, viscosity, PH value.

When necessary, scrotal structures can be evaluated with blood laboratory analyzes or ultrasonographic imaging methods, which can also be performed in our clinic. If there is any pathology that occurs as a result of these examinations, treatment can be planned for them. However, if there is no pathology detected, it can be passed on to the other partner.

Medical treatments for detected pathologies can be planned by evaluating USG performed in the obstetrics outpatient clinic for women and, if necessary, required laboratory tests.İnfertilite (Kısırlık) Tedavisi

In our clinic, multiple therapy arguments are used together in the treatment of Infertility:

  1. Acupuncture:

The blood flow (hemodynamics) of the urogenital area is regulated with the adrenarcic / cholinergic balance.

Hypothalamo Pituitary Provides Testicular / Ovarian Axis hormonal balance. It regulates estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, FSH, LH, GnRH, Prolactin, GH hormones by balancing them.

It helps both hemodynamic and hypothalamic pituitary flow balance by balancing the amount of cortisone known as the stress hormone and its release pattern.

As it can increase sperm count and movement for other reasons of male infertility, it can also produce sperm with normal morphology instead of defective morphological sperm with other therapies in some cases.

Semen can provide normalization of PH and viscosity with increased amount and other treatments.

  1. Ozone Therapy:

It increases the replication (division) ability of the cells by providing more oxygen to the tissues. This can result in increased sperm count and motility by causing more dividing (reproducing) spermatozoa in the testicles and more semen produced, and in some cases, it can also produce sperm with normal morphology instead of defective morphological sperm with other therapies. Increasing the amount of semen can provide normalization of PH and viscosity together with other treatments.

3.Hirudotherapy (Medicinal Leech):

Medical leeches applied to the lumbar region, in addition to increasing the blood flow of the urogenital system, constitute a treatment for PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), which is one of the common causes of Infertility, as well as its anti-inflammatory effect.

  1. Hacamat:

In the treatment of infertility, with the cupping applied to the waist region, both mechanically increase blood supply to the waist area, and at the same time, increase the arterial Nitric Oxide synthesis with the mihem lines and dilotation (relaxation) in the vessels. In addition, the removal of subcutaneous toxins from the body is known to increase cellular replication capability.

Mesotherapy, Phytotherapy and Vitamin Serums can also be added when necessary.